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The first LightBDD tutorial is here


It was a while since I wrote anything here, but today I would like to announce the LightBDD.Tutorials repository and the first LightBDD tutorial I have made: Web Api Service Tests!

The LightBDD exists since 2013 year and it has evolved a lot since then. For all of that time I tried to maintain the documentation wiki as well as set of example projects, but both were more focused on presenting what LightBDD is capable for. What it is lacking is a full example of how it can be used with the technologies like WebApi, NServiceBus, Selenium and others.

With the introduction of LightBDD.Tutorials this is finally changing 🙂

At this moment there is one tutorial on how to use LightBDD to service test AspNetCore WebApi project, but over time, the repo will grow with other fully working examples.

Happy reading and testing!