• DevOps

    Automating Octopus projects with Octopus Project Builder

    Since last few months we have started redefining our CI/CD pipelines to use Octopus Deploy for deployment. Octopus is a great tool to define and manage deployment environment and deployments. It allows to nicely separate environment details (like number of…

  • LightBDD 1.x logo

    LightBDD 1.7.0

    It was a while since I have written a last post.During this time many things happened, including a fact, that I was implementing new requirements for LightBDD. Finally, since 21st of June, a new LightBDD version 1.7.0 is available for…

  • LightBDD 1.x logo

    Basic expectations for acceptance test framework

    In previous post I have described a story of working with acceptance tests and how I encountered problems that motivated me to create LightBDD framework. In this post I have written about different types of tests, especially describing nature of…

  • Programming

    Beyond unit tests

    All the projects I was working on were covered by various test types to ensure that developed code is functioning as expected. It is interesting, however, that almost each project had a slightly different combination of test types. Also, I…

  • LightBDD

    LightBDD in a nutshell

    This time I have decided to make a slightly different post – a short presentation about LightBDD itself. For more details, please see project page or wiki page. So here we go!